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Bugail Geifr Lorraine (Émile Souvestre)

Bugail Geifr Lorraine (Émile Souvestre)

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Translated from French into Welsh by R. Silyn Roberts.

 “Trysori’r tair ceiniog a roddasai Jeanne iddo a wnâi efe, a chadw ei chyngor yn ei gof. Hynny oedd am ei fod yntau hefyd wedi ei fagu ymhlith y gwerinos hyn na feddent ddim namyn mamwlad y dymunent ei chadw; yntau er yn fore wedi arfer caru ei bobl yn well nag ef ei hun, a gasâi â’i holl reddfau iau’r tramorwr, ac a fynnai gadw, â phris ei fywyd o bai raid, bethau hanfodol y genedl, sef y brenin, y faner, a saint gwarcheidiol Ffrainc.”

France, the 1420s. The French and the English have been wrestling for supremacy for decades, turning every corner of the country into a battlefield. Rent is an insignificant goatherd - or so he thinks, until his father's death leads to a revelation about his own past. With his mentor, the monk Cyrille in tow, he sets off to claim his inheritance, just as whispers start spreading of a new heroine, Joan of Arc, who intends to rid the land of the English once and for all. 

R. Silyn Roberts was one of the leading poet's of the romantic movement in Wales, but he also published two novels in the 1900s. Bugail Geifr Lorraine, his translation of Emile Souvestre's historical novella Le Chevrier de Lorraine, was published in 1925; this new edition in modern Welsh orthography reintroduces this exciting adventure to today's Welsh readers.

Paperback, 96pp.

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