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Enaid Lewys Meredydd (T. Gwynn Jones)

Enaid Lewys Meredydd (T. Gwynn Jones)

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“...roedd dwy long awyr yn troi ac yn hofran, weithiau’n codi ac weithiau'n gostwng uwchben Sir Fôn, a'r naill fel pe buasai yn ymlid y llall, fel pe buasent ddwy wylan ar yr aden. Daethant yn nes, nes. Roeddynt o'r diwedd uwchben Menai.
“Gwêl!” ebe Ap Rhys.
Gwelwyd rhywbeth fel llinyn o dân yn neidio o un llong at y llall, a’r
funud nesaf, roedd y naill yn disgyn fel carreg i'r afon..."

The year is 2002. All his life, Meredydd Fychan has lain in a coma under the supervision of a doctor, alive, but showing no signs of consciousness. And yet one morning he awakes, convinced that he is Lewys Meredydd, a nobleman who died almost a century earlier. Could he possibly be telling the truth?

Originally written in 1905, yet appearing here in book form for the very first time, this novel is likely to be the first ever Science Fiction novel written in the Welsh language. It offers a unique insight into the imagination of one of the prominent Welsh writers of its age, and his thoughts on Wales and the Welsh language.

"This is a story that tries to solve the mystery of one of the Welsh language's earliest time-travellers, whilst casting a critical eye over the Welshmen of its own period, and with a main character who seeks a better and more civilised future for Wales and Welsh." —Miriam Elin Jones

Paperback, 128pp.

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