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Gorchest Gwilym Bevan (T. Gwynn Jones)

Gorchest Gwilym Bevan (T. Gwynn Jones)

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“Roedd llais torcalonnus Mrs. Tomos, a’i geiriau gwylltion, ‘Dacw fo’r dyn starfiodd fy ngŵr i; i lawr â fo!’ yn swnio yn eu clustiau’n barhaus...”

Overcome with despair, Gwilym Bevan is about to throw himself into the Thames when he is saved by a stranger and given a second chance at life. Returning to Wales, he finds work in a quarry and thanks to his intelligence and confidence soon finds himself appointed as the spokesman for the Quarrymen in their dispute with the owner. But Gwilym soon finds that fleeing England doesn't mean he has fled oppression and strife.

T. Gwynn Jones's third novel is one of the first in Welsh to deal with social and industrial unrest, as well as mental health, and was quite radical for its time.

“A novel with a social and political message... a socialist novel that promotes workers' rights... T. Gwynn Jones's early novels were a major asset to the development of the novel in Welsh.” —Alan Llwyd

If Daniel Owen is the father of the Welsh novel, then T. Gwynn Jones is its uncle."—Alan Llwyd

Please note: This is the (original) Welsh version of the novel. For the English translation see The Great Deed of Gwilym Bevan.

Paperback, 182 pp.

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