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Nest Merfyn (Mary Oliver Jones)

Nest Merfyn (Mary Oliver Jones)

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"'Tom, tyrd i lawr y funud yma,’ meddai llais un a adnabyddai Tom fel eiddo i Bill Tomos, porthor yn y Plas.
‘Beth sy’n bod?’
‘Mr. Pugh wedi’i ladd!”

Whilst visiting the place where her father was raised, a young woman comes under suspicion of murdering the very same man in whose favour her own father was disinherited. The motive is clear and all the evidence is against her: what will become of Nest? 

Mary Oliver Jones was a member of the Welsh speaking community in Liverpool and one of several young female writers encouraged by Cranogwen to take up writing. Nest Merfyn is very likely the first crime novel written in the Welsh language and it's a fascinating example of a unique, female voice in very early in the history of the Novel in Welsh. This volume is the first by Mary Oliver Jones to be published in over 130 years.

“Her work is readable and entertaining.”

Meic Stephens

Paperback, 106 pp.

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